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John Percudani is the principal and managing director of Realmark, one of the most progressive and awarded firms in Australian real estate. John is an experienced business leader and an acknowledged innovator in real estate practices and marketing.

John stepped up on the Perth real estate stage when he established his company with wife and business partner Anita, in 1989. His passion for real estate was fostered early in his career as a town planner before going on to develop Realmark as it is today, now a market leader.

A big believer in fostering strong and supportive corporate cultures, John has grown the Realmark group from a typical small agency business to a multi-office, multi-discipline business. Add to that John is actively involved in the day-to-day mentoring of his talented team, offering guidance and support which has helped propel the careers of those around him to new heights. Many have achieved their goals because of John’s ongoing commitment to Realmark and the broader real estate profession.

John is an astute and experienced commentator on the property market, with a keen interest in architecture, urban planning and design. He’s a passionate marketer and speaks with authority and conviction on the true relationships involved.

Featured in many publications, John regularly contributes property opinion pieces, marketing ideas and advice. He’s been featured in BRW, Real Estate Business, and various local and national newspapers.


We have an exceptional team at Realmark and I’m very proud of the unparalleled recognition we received from our industry peers at the 2015 REIWA Awards for Excellence. We were honoured to become the inaugural inductee of the REIWA Hall of Fame in recognition of our 25+ years of achievement in Western Australia. Realmark met the Hall of Fame criteria on two occasions, a remarkable feat considering no other agency in WA has previously met the criteria. The significance of this award cannot be underestimated as it firmly cements our enviable market leading position in WA.On a personal level, I was privileged to receive the Kevin Sullivan Award for Individual Excellence and Achievement. As the highest honour awarded by REIWA to its members, I am deeply humbled to be acknowledged in this way. It would not have been possible without Anita and the unwavering support of everyone at Realmark, for which I’m indeed fortunate and grateful. I congratulate Alan Bourke from Bourke’s who was co-recipient of this prestigious award.
The industry accolades received by Realmark reinforce our reputation as a progressive and innovative leader, both here in WA and nationally. Our integrity, our professionalism and our commitment to our staff, our clients and our business partners has been recognised at the highest levels. These achievements not only inspire confidence in Realmark, they help set us apart in an industry where competition, change and challenge are constant

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Josh Phegan, Real Estate Speaker, Trainer & Coach wrote: "John is an exceptional real estate practitioner. He is held in high regard by industry heavyweights due to his aggressive yet considered approach to business growth. He is a creative thinker, consumer focused and driven to achieve. He leads an award winning team with confidence and is the face of innovation in the Western Australian real estate market."
Ross Hunter, Director, Personal/Business Coaching & Development at One Degree Consulting wrote: "Real Estate Leadership is a metaphor for a vast array of elements; them being, visionary, strong values base, defined purpose, exhaustive skill development and an ability to help people develop beyond what they imagined themselves. These are the building blocks that define someone that really does make a difference to the industry and the people they surround themselves with, John Percudani encapsulates these elements and the evidence is witnessed in all aspects of the Realmark Group.John Percudani has created a group that’s legacy will be John’s ability to impregnate these qualities into the DNA of everyone that is a member of the Realmark family."
Jason Andrew, Director, Auctioneer and Real Estate wrote: "I've always found John to be a genuine and sincere industry professional, a lateral thinker who runs his business differently to many other real estate operations. The result is a capable and efficient team with a solid work ethic, many of whom have been keen and active participants in the training sessions that the Jason Andrew Group have held in Western Australia."